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Meaning of home poem

Home means to me to have a roof over my head,
It also means to have a nice comfy bed.
It means to be warm and snug,
And to give a big hug.

But, I think there’s a difference between a home and a house,
A house is a building, with a frame and walls,
Yet a home, is much more than a frame and a door,
It holds memories and events, yet that is not all,
A home can be so much more than just a frame and a wall.

And you might not believe me,
But not every home has frames and walls,
A home is not a building or a tent,
A home is a house, a household of memories and such amazing stories.

I really think it’s amazing how,
By writing a few words on a page is enough to help build someone that frame,
And that frame on every house and home,
Is the center of it all.

I know this piece might not win,
But it will help that frame come together in the end,
I really encourage you to put some words on a paper,
Because by doing so, you will all be a winner no matter what you say.

Because a winner is not someone with a trophy,
It is someone who helps people out,
And all you have to do to become a winner is,
Write a couple of sentences or words.

No matter what race no matter how tall,
Habitat for humanity will do it all,
They will build that frame for the big and the small,
Then the wall, the door, the roof, and the shingles,
That house that was created, will become the nice warm,
Cozy, story filled & memory filled home someone somewhere deserves.