Grade 6

British Columbia

Meaning of Home Poem

Home Is A Place You Can Go For The Night
Home Is Like Getting Hugged By Your Mom Before You Go To Sleep At Night

Home Is Something That Holds You Really Tight

Home Is Something That Doesn’t Matter What It Looks Like
It Only Matters Whos In That Home With You
It Can Be Small And Run Down
It Can Be Big And Nice
But It’s The People You Share It With

It Doesn’t Matter If It’s Nice Inside Because The People That You Share It With Is What Makes What It Is

It’s Not A Home If You Don’t Have Anyone To Share It With

Home Is A Place For Memories

Home Is A Place For Friendships Cause The People That Greet You To The House Are Your New Friends
The Neighbours Beside You Are New Friends And They’ll Help You All The Way Through

Home Is Something That You Don’t Keep Running From

A House Is Something That You Keep Moving From

A House Is Something That Is Not Shared With Your Family
A Home Is Not A House It Doesn’t Matter Where It Is Or How Big It Is It May Be Big It May Be Small It May Just Be A Tent But If Someone Is There To Share The Experience With You Then It’s A Home

That You Should Be Grateful For And That’s Why I Feel Like I The Most Luckiest Kid In The World To Have A Family That Loves Me So Much To Make My Home Feel More Than A Home Cause To Me It Feels Like A Memory Book Filled With Happy Memories.