Grade 5

British Columbia

Meaning of home paige

“HI DEBBIE” said Paige “hey sis” said Debbie. “Paige, since Debbie’s here you will be sleeping in the guest room and she’s sleeping in your room” said my mom “UNFAIR!!!!!!!!” I yelled “hehehe….” said Debbie I stuck my tong out at her and went back up to my room to grab my stuff. Debbie was walking into the kitchen while I was coming on out my room, I bumped into her and she glared at me “sorry” I whimpered, she gave me a hug “its ok, I missed you!” “same” I smiled. Later I went to bed and herd her in my room watching tv with the sound blaring really loud. I went in to tell her to turn it down, and what I saw was pure horror…. she was eating my stash of candy and reading my diary! “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” I screamed in horror “what?” said Debbie “you know what” I growled “GET OUT OF MY ROOM” she screamed while throwing my diary at me it hit my lip and it started bleeding from the sharp corner of the diary. “at least I got it back” I thought. I went back to the guest room and went to sleep….


In the morning I woke up and Debbie was gone, I went to the kitchen to see if she was there, I didn’t find her, I was kind of relieved that I only found a box that was from her to me, I opened it up and inside was a bag of candy, I laughed, then woke my parents up to ask where she was. “she had an early surprise shift” said my dad “she’s probably half way to Victoria by now” aww I didn’t get to say bye, I thought. After Debbie left, I realized how much I love my home and my family, even though they can be really annoying. I LOVE MY HOME 😛