Grade 5


Meaning of Home MEANING OF HOME

MEANING OF HOME Lincoln Dickau

In my homes I have felt many emotions. When I’m at grandma’s house I am happy when we play video games and have movie nights. I get really excited when grandma makes homemade pizza. I also felt sad because my dog died named Deuce. When I’m with grandpa we go hunting and it makes me feel tired because we wake up early. I get really excited when I see a deer and sometimes uncle Kevin comes with us.
At my grandma’s apartment we each have our room. My favorite place to relax is on the couch with pillows and blankets. At grandpa’s apartment we have our own bedrooms to and I have a V.T. and a Nintendo switch. Both of my homes have a kitchen where I like to get all my snacks.
I have two homes. During the week my brother Jackson and I are at grandma’s house with her two cats. On weekends me and Jackson go to grandpa’s where he lives with his pet fish.