Grade 6

port carling

Meaning of home Mean to Me

Meaning of Home Mean to Me

When I step in my house, my dog and sometimes my cat come running up to me. I feel love from them. It makes my day, everyday.
Then my Mom and Dad ask, “How was our day”?, and I will say “It was good, How was yours”?.
My house has lots of love, and I can dance and no one makes fun of me. I don’t feel scared but I don’t need to at my house because it is safe.
We have lots of food to eat and a warm fire in the furnace.
No matter what, my family will keep me safe.
Every time someone comes in my house them are love.
I love my home because every day my dad makes me laugh
with his chess jokes but I love my dad’s chess jokes. And my house is where we make a lot of memories. We have a lot of memories. You should be thankful for having a home.

By : Julie Oldham