Grade 6


Meaning of home for most

The meaning of home can make you yourself. Home can be something you feel in different ways. Home can be different than what you think or the reality. Here are why these are in most homes across the globe.
The first one is feelings which is in all homes across the world, good or bad. Some feelings are joy and sadness. More feelings could be safety or you could be unsafe. The final feelings are freedom,feeling like you can do anything or feeling restricted not having your own right.
The next thing is creating a personality for yourself. You get to imagine anything you want and when you want. You also get to do chores to make responsibility for yourself. Another reason is you can find stuff to inspire you. The final reason is how you interact with your home so what you touch and/or who you talk to.
The third one is now home actually is to most people. The first reason is what you decide to do and making sure you know what you’re going to do later in life. The next reason is how you spend time with loved ones,either pets or family. The third reason is what you love or hate it can pretty much be anything. The final reason is what you have inside of your home,like family or furniture and if you appreciate them or not.
So that is the meaning of home to most people on this planet. Home could make you feel certain ways. Home can make people themself. Finally,home can have a different reality for everyone. That is what home could be like. By Tegan.V