Grade 6

Nova Scotia

Meaning of Home Essay

What is the value of home to you? To me, a house is significant in a person’s life, but a home is just that much more.

Both a home and a house have their similarities. For instance, they both have walls, chairs and a roof. In addition to that, they both let you be clean and sleep. Perhaps more importantly, they both have value but different types. In summary, all of the similarities between a house and a home are appearances and physical attributes.

However, a home is a place to feel safe and economically secure. Where you would be comfortable to live your lifetime. Likewise, you would cherish it. Perhaps more importantly, a home is not just walls and windows. To have a home, you would have to invest your life into it. For example, When you come home from school or work, to have a place that comforts you is absolutely special.Therefore, the benefit of having a home is influential on a person’s life.

On the contrary, a house is a structure that people drive by just about everyday. When people think of a house, they think of a building. It protects you from the rain and lets you sleep. Also, It lets you eat dinner every night. Houses are being built just about everywhere, and all houses have a price tag. In fact, a house’s value is in dollars. But at the same time, a house is a foundation to a home.

In conclusion, What is the importance of a home to a house to you? Personally, I think both a house and a home are vital in the growth of your life, however, a home is more beneficial in the long run than a house.