Grade 6

Nova Scotia

Meaning of Home Essay

“A home is made with love and dreams.” It’s a good quote-right? It’s not just a good quote, for it has a deep meaning behind it. We should know what that means,but some people don’t. It’s actually really sad. I’ll explain my main perspectives of a home.

To have a home is a gift, but it’s not only a gift it’s a right. The thought of people not having a home makes me ill. People are either living on the streets, living in a house that they can’t manage , or they’re living in a really bad conditioned house. To have a home is truly amazing. You’re loved and forgiven, welcomed and cozy. The thing is about having a home, you need a house. It has to be a house that’s fair, and a house that you can feel…yourself in.

Now you might be wondering,how can a home change you?, isn’t a home just a house?. Well I can tell you what I think. First, How can a home change you?Above all, a home is a place you feel safe,heard, and loved. Without having those things everyday, your house is sad and bleak. Furthermore, Isn’t a home just a house? No it’s not, for it’s a place you live in.A house is a place that has an address. A home is all those things but with lots more emotion. For say, you can be you in every way,and you are loved.In a home you are heard with everything you want to consider. A home is a place that’s forever remembered even if you’re far away.

“A home is made of love and dreams.” I hope I showed you that, this sentence is more than just words. It’s the meaning of home.