Grade 6

British Columbia

Meaning of home essay

Meaning of home essay

What home means to me. At home I feel like I have a sense of belonging. Everyday I feel welcome and safe in my home. All of my belongings make me feel like I’m home.

My home is my safe place where I feel most welcome and comfortable. I am very grateful for a nice home to live in like having a dishwasher and a oven. There is a lot to be grateful for like showers,food,washer and a dryer I am blessed.

Pretty much everyone is grateful everyone should be grateful many people don’t realize how blessed they actually are. With heat,electricity,food,warmth showers,shelter and more I am very thankful and blessed.

I am very grateful for having two homes at my moms home and my dads homei feel the exact same. I feel welcome,happy and warm.

in my home there’s always family or pets around. I don’t like be lonely so I never am. My home is always loud because I have three pet birds. Whenever I come home I always hear my dog barking and birds chirping.

My home compared to a house. In a house it’s sorta empty and dusty. Probably unsafe and less sense of belonging. But in a home it’s safe and furnished with more sense of belonging.