Grade 6

Nova Scotia

Meaning of Home Essay

To begin with, you might have heard that some people say “ It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.” I‘m convinced that home is a place where you can love, dream, be happy, and most importantly, be with your family but unfortunately not everyone has one.

Do you know why we should help people in need? I do! First of all, I would help people without a house because I know that if you do something kind for others someone will help you too. In fact, if you were in the condition of some people around the world, I ‘m sure that you would be more than grateful if someone helped you when you were in need. In conclusion,There is no reason on this planet that anyone should ever let someone else stay in difficulty.

Second of all, we could raise money by writing essays just like this one, and I’m very happy about writing an essay right at this moment because I can express myself, and I know that my writing might not make a big difference, but it might make a small change in this world. Remember a small gesture can always make the difference. Perhaps more importantly, we could raise money by letting people around the world know about the living conditions of some people. In conclusion, there are tons of ways that could help people who are in need, but it’s about people wanting to help and people who don’t really care.

In conclusion, I hope that one day you’ll understand the importance of having a home and not having one. I believe that one day everyone will build a house with love, care, dreams and their families.