Grade 6

Nova Scotia

Meaning of Home Essay

Do you love your home? You need a House to start a home.

All houses have rooms, but my home has rooms that are special. I love my room because it is my place to chill and have alone time . The kitchen is where we eat supper,lunch and sometimes breakfast. I like to spend time with my mom , dad and my brother at the table. This is a special time because I don’t git to see them much.

The living room is special because it’s Where we talk and play with Our dogs and Play games on the PS4 with my dad and my brother. We play together and We play just Cause 4. My home has rooms that are Special.

My yard is special because it’s where we Drive our side by side . where I play with my brother and it is where i Learned how to do tricks on my bike .

As stated before a home starts with a house.