Grade 6

Nova Scotia

Meaning of Home Essay

How much do you think your home is worth? Is your home worthy of beginning your life?

A home is a place you own, where you feel comfortable, and safe. In fact, It is a place that you can call home. It is a place that you made or bought, and you own. For example, I always feel comfortable and safe in my home, and you should too.
A home is where you begin your family. You are able to leave your old family, and make a new one if you want to. You are always able to leave your home, but you are not always able to make a new one, yet It may just be a house.

What do you like to do when you are at your home? Do you still do it when there is someone else there with you? I think that it should not matter who is there. You do what you want to do, because you’re in your home not your friends. In fact, I think that you should do what you like to do not what your friends like to do. In fact, I think that you should stop, and do what you like to do. For example, do what you want you to do, be weird or play games that you like to play that you like to play without anyone judging. It is still fine if you both like it.

In order to have a good life and family you will need to buy a house then make it a home. Would you ever sell your home to buy or build a new one?