Grade 6

Nova Scotia

Meaning of Home Essay

A home is a place of family and fun. For example, families playing card games with the people they love there’s nothing better. In fact, there is nothing better than playing Go Fish with friends and family in a nice warm home.

Home is a place where every family can cuddle with each other with love and affection with all their might. All these things happen in that amazing place called home. A place with family and fun is a home.

A home is a place to sit back and relax. A home is so relaxing, yet a house is a relaxing place as well. Not only is a home a relaxing place but you can enjoy sitting back and relaxing in your home or house. I hope you’re fond of your relaxing home.

A home is the place to be. For instance what have you not done in your home. well i’ll tell you what you did in your nice home, first off you grew up in your home, you ate in your humble abode, not only did you grow up and eat in your home but you grew close to your loving caring family. That’s not all, when you’re all done work where would you like to go Chucky Cheese? well I now I wouldn’t. I would like to go home to many things, even comfort.

I have a good feeling that you feel at home when you’re at home and I hope I’m right. Home is my happy place.