Grade 6

Nova Scotia

Meaning of Home Essay

What is a home to you? A home is many things a house is not. A home to me is a place to get together, a place to have family dinner, a place where you can savor life and appreciate your family, but what is the difference between a house and home?

They both might start out as the same building, but the two are like night and day. They both have floors and walls, but what makes a home significantly special is the family that lives in it . Every family or person needs a place to feel comfortable, have a laugh, and most importantly, they need a place to make memories. For example, you are always happy at home, so you will have happy memories.

Not only do I feel every family needs a house, they deserve to have it. In fact, It’s one of the human rights to have a safe place to stay, but I think every family deserves a home too. You could say they are a duplicate of each other, but they’re not. From the outside they may look-alike, but the things inside are what makes them different. Yes they might have the same items like chairs, tables, but I’m talking about the happiness, the love, the good times, and the family itself. Those are the qualities a house needs to be a home.

As I said before, a home is many things a house isn’t, but that being said, everyone deserves to have a house to start with. Finally, the question should be answered. The question that has been sitting in your mind for the majority of the essay – what is home to you? Home should be a place you love, a place to cherish old memories, and a place to make new ones.