Grade 6

Nova Scotia

Meaning of Home Essay

Do you like quotes about home? I’ve heard tons of quotes, and I love them. I find that they’ll play a huge part in my life. For example, “The magic thing about a home is that it feels good to leave, but even better to come back.” I think that quote really helped me understand the meaning of home. They’ve taught me a lot of things, and now they may teach you. It showed me that home is made for everyone. It’s an identification, a privilege, a right, and it’s upsetting not everyone has homes to come back to.

In fact, thousands of people live in homes with mold, water damage, and other unsuitable living conditions. Even though they did have a home, it didn’t mean that they could always live safely in it. If you think about it, hundreds of those hard working people dream to one day have the resources they need to build or afford a better home, and they’re not alone. Habitat for Humanity is out there helping tons of people.

The thought of having a home would mean so much to everyone, not just if they’re homeless. A home is a honorable place to keep your treasured items, memories, and family, but a home isn’t just a storage locker, it’s an address, a warm place to sleep at night and so much more than that. Home is incredible, comforting, and I often wonder what I’d ever do without it.

I’ve learned a lot of things about home, but the one thing that has stood out for me is that home means different things to everyone, and there’s nobody out there that doesn’t deserve a home. I think that everyone should get the extraordinary feeling, to feel good to leave home, but even better to come back.