Grade 6

Nova Scotia

Meaning of Home Essay

What does home mean to you? I strongly believe that a home is beyond a house that a family stays in through the night.

I am convinced that our homes, which can support us in many ways, are pivotal to keeping us reassured with a sense of security and comfort. For instance, it’s a place where you can shout and play without feeling that you are being judged– where you can watch TV for hours on end without being disturbed or bothered. Home is somewhere you can sleep at night knowing that you’ll be safe in the morning. Homes are dedicated to keeping families all around the world secure and welcome.

In addition, it’s a place to be entertained. If you’re unsettled, home is somewhere to relax. We all have something to do inside our homes to keep us amused. It’s a haven of peace where we can spend our time. Furthermore, it is a customary place to hang out with our loved ones. Home is a conventional place to keep ourselves and others entertained when bored.

In fact, home doesn’t only help one individual in a household, but it helps a family thrive and grow in a loving environment. Home is a great place that can guide a family to prosper in a beneficial way. It is vital that a family, especially one containing children, has a home to grow in.

I am convinced that home is beyond a house in a neighborhood, it’s a place that supports a family to grow and shelter. That is what home means to me. Do you know what home means to you?