Grade 6

Nova Scotia

Meaning of Home Essay

Have you ever thought about what a home is? To me, home is a special place where magical things happen.

Home is a place where you will always be loved and not judged. Home is a place where you won’t be judged for what you look like. Home is like the safest place in the world , home is somewhere you will never get judged for anything you do, for example if you were born differently your parents will still love you forever.

Home is also a place where you feel comfortable because you already know the surroundings and where everything is at. if you have been there for quite a while your house is now your home and it will be your home no matter what. In fact,home is the best place in the world to me . For example home is the place where I had my birthday’s and where i took my first step when I was a baby so a home or a house are both equally special and almost the same things. So your house is a home when you make it a home.

Home is somewhere magical things happen like memories of special events that have happened that you will never forget. For example your birthday, thanksgiving, christmas as well. A lot of special things happen in a home no matter who you are with the events that happen will always be special to you.

Now I told you what home means to me. Have you ever thought about what a home is to you?