Grade 6

Nova Scotia

Meaning of Home Essay

“ I have learned that even the smallest house can be a home”Henry David Thoreau, even if the smallest house can be a home, that doesn’t mean everybody has one.

A home is more than a house, but a house starts a home. If you have a house it is empty and holds nothing, but a home is something that holds your future, so if you don’t have a home you have no future. I want to give everyone a better place to stay, also known as a home.

The people that are in need of a home should get one. I’m not trying to be a commander, but there’s people who don’t even have a home, like with some parents with their children. They need a place to stay for the night, friends and family to keep them warm, but no one should have to live under these circumstances. They need a bedroom for when they want to be alone, or need to express their feelings to someone else. Children need a place to stay, and they need a place for personal space, a place called home. Some people can’t even afford to feed themselves or their children. So give them something that everybody needs – a home, that would mean the world to them. I just hope that they get what they need.

Give them a happily ever after, give them a home. If the smallest house can be a home, make it happen. Make them a place to feel loved, respected. give them a voice.