Grade 6

Nova Scotia

Meaning of Home Essay

From the wise words of someone far away: “ A home isn’t a place it’s a feeling”. A house is a foundation with walls and floors, and a home is a place where you feel shielded with something more than concrete.

First of all, a home is supposed to be your safe place. It’s like a haven or a sanctuary. It’s a place where your emotions shouldn’t be discarded or ignored. A home is where you can feel free to state your mind and express your opinions. It’s where you can have interests like purple walls and dinosaur stickers to match. Your home is where you have a role whether it’s a mother, father, or child.

Additionally, your home is where you should feel most comfortable. It’s your place where you belong in a family that loves, respects and cares for you. A child shouldn’t be afraid to confide in their family at home. It’s where they shouldn’t panic over small problems. It’s their special area where they can talk to their parents about something that bothers them or makes them feel frightened.

Perhaps more importantly, a proper environment for a child is necessary for them to grow and benefit society. If a child doesn’t have a proper home situation, it could make their emotions spiral down quickly. This leads to unhappiness which would mess up their daily routines like education, sleeping, and even eating. A happy home is vital for a child to flourish accordingly.

A house is a building crafted with care, and Patience. It’s built with floors and windows, and roofs, and your home also happens to be those things. A house is a building that functions as a home because a “ A home isn’t a place it’s a feeling”.