Grade 5

British Columbia

Meaning Of Home by Ishaan Atkar

A home can be anything to a sleeping bag with an umbrella. Or a bench for a bed well we have a house for cover.
Even if your blood is different with people in your house, you are still connected.
People risk their life for their home to keep it safe. Every time I want something, I think of the homeless. They would beg for the stuff we have.
Although a house is made of bricks and nails, it can because a home. When I get mad at my parents, I think of all the times they cheered me up.
People might think that money makes up a home, but it’s love and family.
A home could be a nest, a cave, your planet or your country. Never think of the people richer than you are. Think of the people that are poor and have nothing.
Some people like home because of a swimming pool or something else but never love your home for a bad reason. I love my home because of my loving, caring family and I’m so grateful to have the stuff I have.

By Ishaan Atkar