Grade 5

British Columbia

Meaning of Home bunny are cute

A home to me is simple you see. It a place you want to be. You can sleep you can eat you can read a book, you can watch tv. I love my home it special to me dou you love your home.
You can go outside you can find the mice you can drink milk you can watch Harry Potter,A home can be anear you leqe in a foursete or in a city,A home mese you have memocies you have a family you can feel can pay the blaze H.happy.O.orgoin. M.meaning.E.exciting, A home you sleep,eat,read books, watch tv,happy,orgoin, meaning,exciting be the most important part is to feel safe and love die everyone and everything the y i love my home a hase iete the same.A home you feel safe and wame a hase you feel not safe and not wame.That y i love my home.