Grade 5

Richmond Hill

Meaning of Home -animal perspective

Hello, it’s me Bunnie! I am a brown furry bunny and also gonna tell you all about my home, the forest! I live in this tall cozy green place with all sorts of stuff and my mom. Rabbit. I love my home a lot with my little burrow under those tall giant bushy things all around me. I get like an infinity amount of foodies to eat like grass, hay, leaves and other green/colorful things everyday. Please read more if you want to know more about bunny and rabbit habitats/home!
As a baby bunny, I have adapted to my awesome home which is the forest, the Rain forest. I know every inch of my giant home and I use all the bushy leaves and those other tall bushy things to hide as barriers. Rabbit says this can be used as an advantage from those, ummmm, predators! Rabbit also says that the ponds and streams are nearby the bushels, so if we’re thirsty, we can also drink the water.
My burrow is usually small and safe from predators view and my siblings don’t ever fight each other/myself. When white cold flakes fall and cover the ground, Mommy would go dig into the snow for delicious foodies called “grass roots”. We will eat them everyday in the white flake season to survive, which is also why it’s the most hated season of most animals. “You aren’t allowed to go out of our burrow because many predators are here and it’s too cold for babies like you” Rabbit says to us, and we listen. When I grew older, I learned to have a sharper hearing, faster running and a keen eye!
I will camouflage with the nature when predators come by, and worse comes to worse, I will just to run till my legs die. This is definitely one reason to have really good ears and being fast. My awesome sharp eyes can help me see all around me except for what’s in front of me. This being said, I will add to the senses of smell! I also got the hang of smelling where I go especially when Rabbit is giving me foodies. But for me, I can easily find which way and where I’m going because like I said, I know every inch of this rain-forest, literally every inch. I have a map of my habitat in my head, possibly too well. Wait, I think I found out why I keep forgetting things! It’s because I am too caught up in knowing my home. Wow! The field beside my house is where I been told to usually run to because there’s nothing to block the way unlike rain-forests with tall bushes. It also has tall enough grass for me to camouflage and hide in.
Bye bunny tourists, and remember that bunnies can learn how to live themselves. Don’t forget me, Bunnie and her habitat. Bunny lives are hard but bunny lives are simple!!