Grade 5

Center Wellington

Meaning of Home Acrostic Poem

When I’m home It’s like all my problems disappear.
High spirited people gather in my home.
All are welcome in my home.
Together, my family stand strong.

Home is where my family thrives.
Open doors to all because all are welcome.
My heart would shatter if a could not go home after a long day.
Empty hearts need to be filled by loving homes.

Merry music fills my home when my brother plays the guitar.
Enter my home and feel the love.
Awesome is the one word I would use to describe how you feel after you donate to Habitat for Humanity.
Not all homes are the same, our homes bend to our needs.
Snug as a bug in a rug being hugged by a mug is what home means to me.

Thrilled to live alongside my family.
Open your hearts to all people, all are welcome in my home.
Metal isn’t nearly as strong as the bond that holds my family together.
Everyone should have a place where they can feel safe and loved, home.