Grade 5

Nova Scotia

Meaning of Home – Acrostic Poem

Meaning of home

Many people in the world have homes.
Everyone is comfortable, loved and safe at home.
At my home I feel safe,loved,happy,and accepted!
Never feel not welcome at your home or at your friends home.
I love my family and my pets and my friends!
Going home feels good and it makes me happy!

Outside I play there with my family and friends!
For people that don’t have homes it is so sad and I’m writing this for you.

Homes are expensive. It’s hard to get one.I am lucky I have a home.
On my birthday I get a lot of money so if I see someone that is homeless I will give them some of my birthday money and so food.
Most people don’t have homes but one of them will get a home.
Even you might get a home and if you do you are lucky.