Grade 5


Meaning of home._.

By: Brendan Stevens

Home is a place where you can feel safe, where you have family, where you are loved, and should be happy. The things that would make a home special is your family, friends, and your memories. What you see in a home is a happy place. Be happy that you are blessed with a home. Home is where you have friends, family, and sometimes pets. When your at your home think of all your memories that you have had there and hold them tight to you. Don’t forget them, cherish, and love them. now love your home like you love your family and your memories. Take care of your house, the living room, your bedroom, and every other room that you love and cherish. Next time your in your home think of where it started out, think of what makes it special, and think of your home!

Home is a place where you can share life and happiness with your family and friends. Home is my favorite place to be, its small, brown, has 2 backyards, 2 living rooms, a basement, 3 bedrooms, and a kitchen. Your home might be different but it is still your home! What I see in a home is love, happiness, and safety. If your home looks similar to another it is still different the memories inside, the people, the things, and the animals. So if you think that every home isn’t different, they are. It’s like saying every person is the same. On January 23rd I got told that home isn’t a place, it is a who, who makes your home special, who makes your home complete. That is THE MEANING OF HOME!!