Grade 6

Clarke's Beach
Newfoundland and Labrador

Meaning of Home

Home. A place where you can feel safe and loved. My home is my friends. When I am with my friends I feel like home. My friends accept me for who I am and what I have passions for. Home is where you create memories, but not just any memories, special ones, that you keep forever. Home is not only where my friends accept me but I accept them. We all help each other, no matter what.
In my home, there is no space for hate, or rudeness. My home only has room for love, kindness and acceptance but, no matter what, there is always more room for different people. People who have different skin color, different religion or different beliefs. If you´re gay, bisexual, lesbian, etc. it doesn´t matter you will always be accepted in my home.
When I am with my friends, I feel like I am not a loser, a loner or an unconfident person, I feel happy, confident and strong. My friends make me feel amazing and out-of-this-world. I have had so many great laughs with my friends, and have made so many great memories.
For me home is not just a house it is much more, It is my friends, my family and people who mean most to me. Nobody in this world should not, have a home. Nobody should not, have place where they feel safe, and loved.
To me, home is non-material, sometimes you may not be able to see it, or touch it because home, is in your heart, home is always with you, and the people you feel safe and loved with. Home is where you feel like you can be yourself without be shamed for it.
My friends and family are my home and I am alright with that.