Grade 6

Bay Roberts
Newfoundland and Labrador

Meaning of Home

Home to me is memories it’s always where the heart is.It is like a picture frame where you keep all of your memories.It’s a place to feel safe. A place when you have a bad day you can go home and tell your mom how you feel and she will try to help you feel better.There will always be something in your home to cheer you up. A place that your family is and where you will always feel cozy. Home is where you go to sleep at night and feel safe. It’s a place where you eat and drink. It’s the first place you went when you came out of the hospital when you were a baby.It’s also the place you took your first baby steps and first words.

It’s a place where you and your friends are welcomed when you have a gaming night or a girls night and have a spa at your house to relax yourself.A place to have your birthday parties at and get your family and friends over to help you celebrate.It’s a special place that will always stay in your heart.Without a home you feel empty like there is no love in the air even though there still is It just feels very different when you have a home.

Home is where you study for a big test coming up in a couple of weeks that you are studying for to try to ace.It’s where you feel the most happy when you go home at the end of a long day you can go home to see you pets waiting at the door for you.It is the place that most people first find their pets as a surprise. I found my cat Oreo one day when I came home from school one day in grade 4. My parents picked me up from lunch one day and I was having a bad day at school I thought that I was going to fail my test, my cats were there to cheer me up. I went to school the next day and found out that I got a 100% on my text.This is what my home means to me.