Grade 5


meaning of home

What does home mean to me? What does home mean to others?

To me, my home means my cat, who sometimes sleeps with me and puts me in a good mood when I’m sad. My bed I sleep in to regain my energy from the day before. Home means the delicious meals my mom works hard to make for my family, my family that loves me and I love them, my room I can relax in by myself when I need to be alone. Home means the warmth inside after being outside all day. My home means a lot to me.

To others, home means a safe place to spend time with your family, a place to go when you want to be alone, a spot where you can relax and not worry, a place where everyone loves each other, a place to celebrate your religion and not be judged. Home means a lot to everyone.

Home is important to have, and not everyone has a home. Be thankful of your home.