Grade 6


Meaning of home

Home is a word often overlooked. You will be surprised when you find out that home is not what you would normally think. To do this there will be three persuasions per paragraph. Home is a feeling, home is where you are listened to, and home is where you love.
Home is a feeling. People often think that home is a building but home is really a feeling. Home is a feeling because it is where you feel safe, home is where you feel loved, and lastly home is where you feel happy. Home can be anywhere. Lots of people live in places that they think makes them feel whole as long as they feel like there happy, safe, and like themselves.
Home is where you can be heard. Home is not only where they hear you but that you have a say about the changes to you and your home. You should also be acknowledged and that you know that they thought about what you said. This should also mean that you can say no to what you think is wrong.
Finally, home is where you love. Home is where you think you are comfortable, and you do not feel forced to do anything. Home is where you can thrive, lots of people love to live in the toughest environments because they feel they can thrive there. And last, but not least, home is where you love where you are.
In conclusion, the meaning of home is a vast variety of things from a feeling or loved place, to even where you are listened to. Most of us will say that home is made of brick and mortar but home is really created out of feelings, voices, and love and that is what home should really be made of.