Grade 6


Meaning Of Home

I had a dog when I was around 3. I only had him for 9 months. He wasn’t nice to people because the people that had him before us were not nice to him. The only people that he was nice to was me and my mom. He would bite people. We had to put him down because my mom was going to have a baby and no one or place would take him. I had tears filling up my eyes.

After that my parents would never agree on the same animals. Sometimes I would blame it on the people that had him before us. I thought that I would never get a pet.

I was thinking about what I wanted for my birthday. My birthday was coming soon. I was going to turn 11 and I did not know what I wanted for my present. I went upstairs and I told my mom. My mom gave me ideas and then she said, pet. I was so surprised. She went to call my dad and see if he would say yes, to a cat. He said, no. We went on the humane society website, I wanted a kitten; the one named Arista. We saw that he was at a PetSmart near our house. When I first saw him, I already loved him. My mom said, I could get him. When the lady gave him to me. I held him close to my heart. It felt like I was dreaming. I wanted to change his name so, I changed it to Coal. When I finally fell asleep. He came into my bed at 11:30 and he was purring so loud and that is when I felt at home.