Grade 5


Meaning of Home

I’ve always wondered what the meaning of Home is.
To some people it means a shelter, a place to live. To me, Home begins and ends with family.
To me, home is the sense of belonging.
When I think of Home, I think of warmth and places to curl up and read. I think of how many people don’t have anywhere to live, much less anywhere to be, I feel grateful for my home and everybody in it.
Family is a part of home.
My mom sets aside her own time to drive me to my activities.
My dad cooks excellent meals and heats them when my mom and I return late.
My sister wakes me up so I won’t be late for school.
When you move to another house, does it feel unfamiliar? Do you feel as if it will take some time to get used to?
I think this is because house and home aren’t the same, but close. If you live in a house for some time, it becomes a home.
When we spend the night in somewhere unfamiliar, it takes more time to fall asleep.
My dad always says that your own bed at home is the most comfortable. Like I said, Home is the feeling of belonging.