Grade 6

Listowel, ON

Meaning Of Home

Home to me, means a lot of things. At home, I always feel safe. I am happy because of all the happy memories while I have been at home. I am always surrounded by people who love, care and have fun with me. Now you have some ideas of what home means to me.
At home, I always feel safe from the outside world. There are wars in some countries. However, Canada is a very safe place to live. I always feel protected by my family, from when I wake up until I go to sleep. Home is having a roof over my family’s head. It is where I am not outside in a storm, but I am inside, warm and dry.
I always feel comfortable to do anything at my house, where people don’t judge me for what I do or think. In my house, there are always happy memories created and positive feelings going around. I am happy coming home from trips or being at the cottage for a long time. That is because I am excited to be home, eat homemade food and sleep in my comfy bed.
When I am at home, I am always getting help for things like my homework or finding something I’ve lost. Our family always has lots of fun together like: making homemade pasta, playing chess or monopoly and movie nights. My parents keep me involved in the community by playing sports for my hometown and cheering on other local teams.
Home could mean many things to different people. Home to me means: I feel safe, it make me feel happy and I am surrounded by people who love and care for me. I am very fortunate to have a home where I feel safe, happy and loved.