Grade 6


Meaning Of Home

When I’m at home, in my basement I play basketball on my mini net, or I’m doing homework, watching movies or more. If you ask me if I do this at home or that my answer would be yes because my home is cozy, my family loves me and more. I have 1 brother and 2 sisters, and they are REALLY FUN. Sometimes, I play minecraft (I always beat them even though they are older than me). Sometimes, they are really busy but that doesn’t stop them from having fun. They do all of their work (and they’re really smart) but when it comes to math you already know it’s ME! (at least I think). To end it off, when I’m at home I feel free, and safe around my family. I can help others when they need help, and also have people to talk to like my family. We all love each other.