Grade 6

British Columbia

Meaning of Home

Who slept here before I came?

Who lived in this room, how did it look, was it the same?

Was there a good family? A little boy and a little girl? Was the house filled with toys and fun?

With joys and dreams…

Or was it just a lonely place with empty beds, no fun, no people and, no family?

Was there a girl who danced and sang?

a dinner bell that chimed and rang whenever dinner time came?

And did anyone ever stand right here like I am right now?

Was this place always the same sweet family as me right now?

Is this home new or old?

No matter what type people were in this home.

Even if it is new or old.

Home is a special place for people.

I love home as much as anybody else would in the world.

That is the meaning of home.