Grade 6

British Columbia

Meaning of Home

I love my home because when I go into my housevI see my puppy Nica and she gets so excited when she sees me (and my brother]. Home is just the best place to be. You get to see your family when they get home. And you feel safe when you are at home. You are around the people you love the most. You get to enjoy YUMMY food with your family every day. You have your own space to be to do homework, read and think about things that are on your mind. I want other people to have that fun and freedom. Not many people in this world have that much fun and places to go to after school, work etc. which is very sad. I want people to have a place to go have a warm place to be and for people to have family time like movie nights, game nights and pizza nights. When some people go into their house, they don’t feel safe or they are lonely and sometimes depressed. And I want everyone to feel safe at home.