Grade 6


Meaning of home

Home is a place where you can feel comfortable, relaxed, and safe. A home is special because you always feel calm and peaceful. The difference between a house and a home is that a house is a place to live, whereas a home gives you a sense of belonging, love, comfort and security. Home holds many different memories. I have gratitude for my home and all the people who live there. The place I call home has a huge place in my heart, and it always will. Some of the best rooms in a home are…

A living room to snuggle up close to the fireplace with a warm blanket and soft cushion, you’ll be greatly entertained watching comedic films with your family. As you lean back against the couch and watch a funny movie, you laugh. A living room is a delightful place to curl up with a good book, watch a funny movie, and eat some popcorn with your family.

A kitchen where you can prepare numerous different foods, such as pancakes and waffles. A place that you wake up to the scent of bacon sizzling down stairs. You can help bake different treats with your family such as cookies, muffins, and other yummy treats! A kitchen to help bake cookies, and you watch them bake in the oven while the timer ticks down.

A bedroom to be tucked in before you go to bed. You can lay in bed and read your favorite books and giggle before you drift off to sleep. Your bedroom allows you to be calm, tranquil and happy. A bedroom to wake up in on Christmas morning or on your birthday. It is an amazing place to be in!