Grade 6

British Columbia

Meaning Of Home

Home. What’s the meaning of it? Home may resonate in a house, but is it really a home without people? Home doesn’t always need to be where your family is, it could be where your friends are, where your community is. Your home doesn’t have to be someone, it could be a place where it makes you feel safe, where you can be yourself and bask in the feeling of comfort.

Some people don’t have homes, they may have houses, but no loving laughter, no feeling of comfort. Sometimes, it may be vice-versa, a family with an undying bond but no house.

Many take this for granted, and oversee their assets. You could take your house for granted, or your family. Everyone always wants what they don’t have. You never know what’s going to happen, so why don’t you spend your time with your family?

Family doesn’t always mean you have to be related, you could be friends, a mentor, someone they could trust. You can give someone a family, a person they can rely on when stuff gets rough, when they’re down or troubled.

Your home doesn’t always have to be in one place, or stay in the same place forever. People grow and change, so can your home. You may have your home and heart in one place currently, maybe a person? Maybe a place? But everything changes eventually, people grow up, people change.

Change is inevitable. While we’re still here, you can always make a change, make an impact, give someone a home, give someone hope, give someone faith. Spending your time with your family, with your home, with people who care about you, is a way to make the most of your time, our time.

They always said home is where the heart is, didn’t they?