Grade 4


Meaning of Home

The meaning of home to me is a place that you are comfortable, a place where you are the truest you you can possibly be. It’s a place where you aren’t afraid to try something new and you won’t get embarrassed if you fail. You speak your own language and everything understands you, even without words. It’s your shelter, secluded from the evil and filled with the sense of love and safeness. You are the champion and no one tries to surpass you. There’s always a sense of hope, even when things may be tough. The sense of the cozy home will help you get through whatever it may be. A home is partly the glue of the family that live under that same roof. The stories are shared under it. It’s what you love and loves you back and it will forever love you more than anything. A place where you are not judged by your gender or race. It supports you and contains and holds for eternity the most memorable memories that you will forever miss. Built solely of love and dreams, it does not have to be the most massive and perfect thing. No matter how small and old it may be, your home is a home and nobody can stop it or separate it. It is the strong bond you have and will have wherever you move. Though many think your home is plainly a house and a building, stationary and permanent. That’s wrong, a home is not a place, but rather a thing. You bring it with you even when your house shall stay. You may take your house for granted. Your family and you may not even have a house, but wherever you live will be the caring, loving, most precious place, your home.