Grade 5


Meaning of home

What does home mean to me? Home is a place where you are loved and included.When you are at home,you feel safe.A home may not sound very important but I will prove you wrong.So if you don’t think having a home is that important,then I will show you the feeling of the homeless:very day you try to beg people for food and money.If you had a home,your home will protect you from rain will make you cold and soggy and snow will make you freeze to death.So if you really like Canada,you need a shelter.Most of us are lucky that we have homes.My home has a soft comfortable bed so I can sleep in.My home also provides me with all my food.Not everyone is as lucky as me;some have no clean water,food or a bed to sleep in.Your home provides you with all your needs.
Your home is a big source of entertainment.It has all the toys you play with,the TV you watch during your family time,and the books to read.Your entertainment devices keep your memories from birth to death and they will always make you happy.You should be grateful for your home birth to death and every square inch of it.You should be very lucky you have a home (especially in Canada).From the biggest mansion to the tiniest igloo.The only thing your home has nowhere else is love.