Grade 5

Richmond Hill

Meaning of Home

Have you ever wondered what the meaning of home is? In this essay I will tell you about what it means to me. A home is not a house, a home is somewhere you feel protected and live with your family but houses are buildings. Homes are places where you can relax. Enjoy!

One quality of a home is welcoming. A welcoming home should always have a happy atmosphere, that’s done by playing board games, watching movies or having fun. Another way to make your home seem more welcoming is to relax in it, you should feel no stress. Most of all, your home should make you feel comfortable. That’s why welcoming is important.

Warmth is very essential to a loving home. When you are in a cozy place with your family, naturally you would feel peaceful and loved. In a home, when you share your feelings together and work on chores together and be in the company of each other, you should feel warmth. In a home, there should be a family and love. A loving family is a warm one.

At home, you should feel like you belong. In a family, you often get together and play sports, read, go on vacation or go hiking. When you belong, it means that you can be yourself. Most importantly, you should feel happy and grateful for what you have and where you are. Hopefully you belong.

Now for the last subtitle, a safe home is a dependable home. They are mostly peaceful without violence or anxiety. A calm home has no screaming or verbal and physical abuse. It offers protection from the weather.

Finally, you know what I think about the meaning of the home. Remember these words: welcoming home, warmth, belonging and safety. Hopefully these words describe your home.