Grade 5


Meaning of Home

Home is a place where I feel valuable, where my family spends time together and where we create memories. We care so much about each other.

At home I just feel so valuable because my family is spending time with each other a lot. When someone is feeling upset we just go to each other and cuddle for a little until they cheer up. We support each other a lot. My family sticks up for each other all the time. I love how I feel valuable.

My family spends so much time together because we love each other a lot. Gathering around the dinner table playing board games together just makes us a happier family. We do so much fun stuff together.

In my house there are so many memories because of my awesome family. My family is so happy because we have each other. We need each other for the memories. Memories come every single day. My top two favourite memories are Disneyland and Pittsburgh. I remember every second. Memories make me feel happy and at home.

I love my awesome family that cares about each other. We’re just such a good family. We care about each other, we love each other, and we respect each other. My family is so nice. I have the best family in the whole world. I love my home so much. I have the happiest family I can think of. I feel so happy with my family and I think my family loves me too.