Grade 6


Meaning of Home

Home is a place to enjoy spending time with your family.

Home is a habitat of happiness and fun.

Home is a feeling everyone deserves to have.

Home is where you can feel safe and loved

Home is something you can describe as warm.

You can feel loved just being with your family, enjoying all moments that can be funny, happy or sad, just making memories with all your loved ones.

Home is also not just people, it’s also pets that can be loved too.
When you’re in your house you feel amazing.

It doesn’t matter if you’re homeless or not. Having family is the best thing you can have and home would be the second but that would be your choice.

When you ask “what’s the meaning of home?”, there are endless possibilities to what it is, but what I think of is warmth like a fire and love drooping down a roof over a house trying to reach the ones that may feel cold and hated.