Grade 4


Meaning of Home

What does home mean to me?
To me it means to be safe and cared for. Home is also where I feel loved.

The first reason home is a special place for me is because of the exciting memories that I make there.
Home is anywhere I am with my family like the ski hill or on vacation. When I think of memories I think of skiing in the mountains with my family and friends. One time I had a massive crash on skis and really hurt my leg and had to get a ride Down the hill on a sled. My mom called the ski patrol, she skied behind me and met me at the bottom. My family loves me always looks out for me and home can be anywhere when I’m with them.

The second reason home is special is because of the pets. In my home my dog Voodoo is part of the family because she cuddles me when I’m on the couch. Also, when I get home Voodoo runs to the door and greets me home my dog makes me feel happy.

When I think about what home means to me, I also think of awesome family time.
I do a lot of cooking and playing games with my mom and family members. Family time makes me feel accepted and comfortable.

That is why home is such an important place to me and I’m so thankful to have a home like mine.