Grade 4


Meaning of Home

Why is home such a wonderful place?
Home is a place where you share laughs and memories. To me home is safety and comfort. A place where you can feel comfortable and where you can feel acknowledged & accepted.

The first reason home is a special place for me is because of the memories. One memory I have is when I was annoying my Dad while I was making my sister laugh. The reason this is special to me is because I love to make people laugh. Memories are also important because it reminds me of all the best times we spend together. One thing I enjoy is playing racing games with my dad on his Xbox.

I am very thankful that I have a home because I recognize that lots of people don’t have the money to afford a house or shelter. My family takes care of me and shows me lots of love and respect.

At home, I like to connect with my friends on FaceTime. A lot of my friends go to a different school than me, so I think it’s important to talk to your friends and stay socialized. When I’m at home we play games together and I can be with my friends.

Home is a special place to me, and I feel everyone deserves a home where they feel respected and loved.