Grade 4


Meaning of Home

What does home mean to me?
Home Is a special place where love is made and felt everywhere.

Home to me is love. In my home you can feel the love spread in every room! Home is where love is made. This love grows inside me and no matter how far away from my family or my home, this love comes with me.

Another reason love is so important to our home is because if love was not a feeling, an action or a thing, the world wouldn’t be so happy and so fun as it is today. Close your eyes and picture what the world would look like without love. Do you see how awful it is? Now close your eyes again and picture what the world would look like with lots of love, do you see how much better it is? This is why love is a very important part of the world and I think you should show love to one another.

Home also means learning. Learning is important to me, and I love to learn new things. Home to me is a place where I can ask questions, learn new and exciting things and make mistakes. I ask a lot of questions at home and at school because I love to learn new things.

My home is also the people in my family. We love spending time with each other and making memories. Home is a special place full of love, family and joy where I can be myself.

Home means different things to everyone and there is a lot of things to see and learn inside a home. I think that everyone deserves to live in a home and have a place to love, be yourself and learn new things.