Grade 4


Meaning of Home

What does home mean to me?

Home is a place where I feel accepted and loved for who I am. Home is a special place and home is unique to everyone.

Home is special to me is because I always feel loved. Home means love because every single day I am buried in love and hugs. My mom always makes me feel special and warm inside. Whenever I leave for school, I am sad because I do not want to leave the love in my home.

Home also means happiness! Every day at home, I feel surrounded by happiness and I always feel welcomed. I feel happy when I am surrounded by family. There is no happiness in a home without a family inside. It makes me so happy when I get to do stuff in my home with my family. I feel happy when I get to play and feel the licks on my face from my big and small dogs.

In my home there are so many things to be thankful for. Whenever I come home, there is always a fridge full of food that I am very thankful for. I am thankful for my wonderful family that makes me feel loved.

When I think of home I think of a nice family. Family is love, kindness, protection and safety. When I am with family, I feel safe. I will always choose family over anything else. Homes are made of family, not bricks or wood. Whenever I think of family, I think of creativity and love.

Everyone deserves a home. Inside a home is where the love and memories are kept. Even if I am not in the same home forever, each home will stay in my heart and will be equally special. Home is a privilege.