Grade 4


Meaning of Home

What does home mean to me?
Home means a place that you can always tell the truth, be yourself and do whatever you like.

Home is a special place to me because of all the family time we spend together. One thing we love to do is play games and cook together. Once we even did a cooking contest with my sister and my parents! I don’t remember who won but it was fun anyways. It was the best ever. Another thing we like to do together is play lots of awesome games. Home means family time and we have so much fun.

Home also means spending time with my pets. One thing I remember is when we went to the humane Society and we saw five rescue kittens. All five were found under a pile of wood and deserved a new home. Before you know it, we had two new pets coming back to our home. One cat even chose me, so I named her Crocodilian, or Croco for short and my sister named the other kitten Cleo. Home is not the same without them and they are a part of our family now.

When I think about what home means to me I also think of my amazing neighbourhood. I love to be outside and scooter around my block, play hide and seek tag with my friends. I have so many amazing memories in my neighbourhood.

Home can be a lot more than it looks like. I love my home and I think everyone deserves the inside of a home like mine!