Grade 4


Meaning of Home

What is home?
Home is a place to be safe, free and comfortable.

Home means freedom to me. It is a place to be free and do what I want. I am allowed to be myself and do the things I like.

Home is a special place to me is because it makes me feel safe and free. The word safe and free mean to me being left alone with no one around me. Sometimes my brothers annoy me, so I lock my door in my room and read. My parents also keep me safe. My parents cook me food and play with me when they are done work. They also buy me clothes to keep me warm in the cold winters. At home I am thankful for being free to do what I want and be myself.

When I think about what home means to me, I also think of awesome memories. Me and my family make memories in our home. I once locked myself in the bathroom, so I screamed, and my dad came up and had to kick down the door! I will also never forget when I fell off my swing and broke my wrist. It was so painful, and I came back in the house like a zombie screaming! My dad thought I was fine but the next day I went to the hospital and came back with a giant cast. My dad saw it and he said so you really did hurt yourself, and I said YA DAD!

Home is also special to me because some people don’t have homes. We make new traditions together and try out new stuff. On Friday’s we always have pizza for dinner and watch TV together and stay up late. I am thankful for the home I have and my loving family.

That is why home is special to me!