Grade 4


Meaning of Home

What does home truly mean to me?
Home means a lot of things! It can mean an amazing place to make memories and a safe place to be free and yourself.

The first reason home is special place for me is all the family memories I have. Making memories is super important to me. Some of my favourite memories are biking with my dad in the summer and snowboarding with my mom in the winter. For me family has always been a landing place to build memories, have lots of fun and rest. Home isn’t just four walls and a roof its spending time and making memories with those you love.

I know I’m home when I hear my loving dog Hamish barking and howling at the door happily greeting me. This makes me feel loved and special! We got this dog last year and he has been an important member of our family ever since. No matter where we go, if Hamish is near, I feel a piece of home with me.

Home also means a special place for family adventures. Almost every weekend me and my mom go to the mountains. We go snowboarding, hiking and even paddle boarding. Some memories I have are going to Revelstoke and finding a secret cove with a zip line and a rope swing. In the winter my mom and I also go snowboarding at Sunshine ski resort. like I said before home isn’t where you are its who you are with.

Home is a very special place and I am so thankful for it.