Grade 4


Meaning of Home

What does home mean to you?
For me home is a safe loving place were people are kind and accept your emotions.

To me home is a special place where we have have fun family traditions. I love to play board games with my family and we play so many fun games. For example Monopoly, Uno, Sequence, and Connect Four. Another way we celebrate traditions is by having wonderful family dinners. Home reminds me of the traditions we spend as a family.

Home also means Love. The reason love is home to me is for many reasons. My first reason is that if anyone shows love to you that means you should treasure it. The second reason is that my family sometimes get mad at each other but deep down we know matter what, we still love each other. My family is a loving caring overall just awesome! Family is the most imported thing in the entire galaxy also if there is no family your house is just a pile of wood and bricks, but with a family your house could be full of love.

When I think about home I also think of family pets. The first pet I ever had was a cat and its name was Sophie. My second pet ever was a dog it’s name was Arnold. To me my pets are an important part of our family and home. When I get home my dog runs to me with a big happy grin wagging his big exciting tale. My dog makes me so happy when I come inside our house and whenever I am with him it feels like home.

Home isn’t just a pile of wood. It is much more than that! Home is the best place on the inside because that is were all the love happens.