Grade 4


Meaning of Home

What does home mean to me?
Home for me is a place where I can be myself and feel comfortable, safe, and accepted.

Home is a special place for me is because of my family. My family means a lot to me because they are very kind, and they always have my back and help me through tough times. For example, when I broke my arm, at gymnastics my family was right there to support me. To me family is a caring, safe, loving, and much more! No matter where I am with my family I feel at home.

Home also means the adventures that we have together. My family and I love to go on adventures up in the mountains or just in the community. We like to go skiing, skating, and snowshoeing. One time we were going snowshoeing in the mountains. After a couple steps we found a trail that led into the trees it was fun and hard at the same time. Before you know it, we got to an opening and we heard something…. It was dog sleds! We love going on adventures.

The final reason home is a special place for me is because of the time we spend as a family. Every weekend my family and I do something very fun like movies, pizza party’s, board games, and much more! We also love to cook amazing meals together in our kitchen. A house is four walls, and a home is where memories are made with my family.

Home is truly a great place for me, and I hope that anyone can find a home like mine. I am really thankful to have a home built really well. Home is in my heart forever.