Grade 4


Meaning of Home

What does home mean to me?
Home is a place where our family gathers together and do special things with each other.

Home means to me Love. Love is meaningful to my home because I love my family. My family shows love by showing respect, enthusiasm, altruism, commitment, and honesty. Love is inside me always and it is always inside you.

The second thing that reminds me of home is comfort. I am grateful for having comfort because not everyone has a comfortable home, and we get to spend a lot of family time together. We like to play sports, play games and watch a movie. I think a comfortable home means that my family loves to do many things together.

I am grateful for my home. In my home I am thankful for food, my family and going to an amazing school. I am also thankful for home bonding and spending time with my family.

Home is special to me because it is where memories are made. I am grateful to have this loving home.