Grade 4


Meaning of home

When I come home I relax on the couch and read quietly. After I’m ready I go down into the basement and go on the ps4. My dad calls me up for dinner. Then I go rush to swimming for an hour and when I’m home my bear is warm and I take my gummies and pill and put on my calm to make me fall asleep. In the morning I go to the basement and play fortnite and air hockey.

When I’m home I go right to my bed and have a nap. And after my nap I go watch tv. On tv I watch hockey and turbo. Then I go to the park and play. When I’m tired I sit on the bench. I come home in an hour and play on the ps4. I play hockey NHL 19, battlefront, titenfall, batman, spider man, cars3, NHLsoccer 18.

At the Mustard Seed we go to a lot of places downtown like the library, East Village, church, the c-train, parks, Inn from the Cold, City Hall, public art, +15. The Mustard Seed is where you can live and where you can get clean clothes and where you can stay warm. Also where you can sleep on a warm bed. And they hand out toques, mitts, snowpant’s and coats.

Inn from the Cold can ask if you want to volunteer for one of them breakfast, lunch or dinner. If you are 8 and older, you can volunteer. And that is where you can sleep in a warm bed and get out of the cold.