Grade 6

New Brunswick

Meaning of Home

A home is a place where you have the comfort of your family around you. Playing music, happiness and laughter is all through your home. It’s very peaceful, quiet and you feel safe and loved. On holidays, you have nice family meals with nice worm food and laughter through people’s jokes. You have fun with you friends playing video games and board games. You have a nice and supportive family that cheers you on at sports. You have memories with your loved ones and while you’re sleeping you feel you’re worm cozy blankets cuddled up by you. A home can be big or little as long as you are loved, happy, and comfortable.

A home is somewhere you feel safe while spending time with family and friends. A home to me is very quiet and comfortable for you and your family. A home is somewhere you get good sleep and have good memories. In a home, it doesn’t matter if it’s ugly or nice. As long as you feel comfortable and happy, that’s all that matters. My home has loving people and it’s very quiet. At my home I feel loved and supported.

My home has four people living in it and two pets. I love my home because it’s comfortable and quiet. I can’t imagine not having a home. In a home, it has nice furniture and comfortable pillows. It must be so sad that some kids and adults don’t have a home. I think it’s really sad. I know I am so lucky to have such a loving home.